Danny Wilkins

21st Century Polymath

About Danny Wilkins

Aspiring polymath from the south of England learning and creating my way through life.

I have always felt the call of learning and making. I realised early that all forms of creativity have at their centre a core set of skills, and that allowed me to take on new hobbies very quickly which gave me the breadth of knowledge and the adaptive thinking to try anything.

Everything I do becomes part of my learning and I am able to draw on a diverse range of knowledge and experience that makes me a fast learner and strong problem solver.

Designer & Programmer

An analytical thinker, I study everything around me. Inspiration rarely comes from nothing, and I want to capture it.

I have always been observant, analysing everything and getting inspired by it. In my spare time I will often be caught pen and paper in hand working on a design, such as my combined heating and cooling system for a fermentation chamber.

I started programming at 13, writing simple programmes in BASIC, but drifted away from it. At university I found Codecademy.com, recapturing that feeling that anything is possible, and indulging my creativity I started web design.

The design mindset affects everything that I do, planning my work and making it coherent.


Narrative, character, setting. The art of storytelling is as old as language itself and resonates with us all.

Storytelling is about presenting an experience by crafting sentences with thought to the unfolding narrative, developing character, and rich setting. In my writing I experiment with this in mind, trying to find new and better ways to draw readers into the experience.

This storytelling approach follows me across all work and helps me develop projects with strong user experience goals in mind with a clear idea of the story I am trying to create.


Where design becomes real, we make a conscious effort to shape our environment.

From trying new art techniques to experimenting with games development, refining brewing methods to playing with electronics, I am driven to make my ideas reality.

Inspired by knowledge read, propelled by knowledge experienced, I iterate with new ideas to find what I can learn and expand my understanding. Tinkering bestows me with an ability for practical thinking and a library of skills that I draw from throughout life.


I have experience in the following realms of skill:

Computer Skills

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• Self-taught in programming.
• Very experienced in word processing, desktop publishing, and Photoshop.
• Skilled in React.js, Redux, and SCSS.
• Good knowledge of Bootstrap 3, C#, and Unity3D.
• Experience working on web apps in React.js and making games in Unity.

Self-motivated, Determined & Committed

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• When I set myself a challenge I find a way to make it happen by leveraging my existing knowledge, learning from precedents, or trying new solutions and I do not easily put something down until I have found an answer.

Relating to People

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• I enjoy talking to people and working as a member of a team with a shared a goal.
• Have experience in team pursuits such as Duke of Edinburgh and a National Trust residential land management project.


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• While volunteering in school I took minutes at meetings and organised many of the after school activities for members of the community to integrate with the students.

Pushing Myself

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• I have been indoor skydiving; white water rafting; climbed a glacier; kayaked in the fjords and more. Academically, I am an aspiring polymath with the desire to learn as much as I can, whenever I can.

Experienced Researcher

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• In teaching myself I have indirectly learnt how to set about finding answers quickly and independently.


Some highlights from my portfolio:

Screenshot of Guild Wars 2 World versus World API web app

Game API Web App

Purple Iris

Flower Prints

Viking Ball Game Icon

Viking Ball Game

Random Outcome Gen

Random Outcome Generator

The Kettle - photo of writing

The Kettle

Photo of punk skirt

Punk Skirt

For more of my portfolio, click here.


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